Monday, April 12, 2010

God is AWESOME! The Laymon and Esh family gather for fellowship!

God is awesome. Here's a photo taken this weekend in Burkesville, KY of Misty Laymon and family (wife of Kenneth Laymon-truck driver) with the surviving Eshes, and Lester (Joel) Gingeriches (left). God bless them all. ♥ What a wonderful example of forgiveness even though it was a horrific accident! Let's examine our own lives. How quickly are we to forgive when we face tragedy in the face?


  1. I Love This .. This is what is supposed to happen when things go wrong i wish more people could be taken for Example .. I Love each and everyone one of yall and pray that gods LOve will help yall pull through this together

  2. How desperately Misty needs support as all the investigations, reports and critical news is hitting the paper and airwaves here in Louisville. Not only devastated with her loss, this week is her birthday (5th); Sunday is Mother's Day; next week Lacie has already told her mom, "Daddy won't be at my graduation" (preschool) and cried a long time with Misty.
    Our culture is so different than yours and she needs your support so desperately. A 14 and 16 year old boy is desperately hurting the loss of a dad that was to adopt them legally 2 weeks ago. That will never happen.

    You have been so precious to love and care, forgive her in a way only you can do. Thanks.