Monday, May 10, 2010

Premium Choices Cheese

Premium Choices is located on a small, beautiful farm in the hills of Juniata County, PA. We are a family owned cheese and yogurt processing facility. Premium Choices is PA Preferred and produces and markets the highest quality cheese and yogurt products giving the consumer an alternative healthy choice to other products in the market. Our specialty is goat milk yogurts and cheeses (both hard and soft).

Why Goat Cheese?
People of all ages can benefit from goat milk. Many lactose intolerant people can tolerate goat milk products. The fat globules in goat milk are much smaller than cows milk and it is to some extent naturally homogenized. Very little cream can be skimmed off a container of milk.

To produce and market the highest quality yogurt and cheese products giving the consumer and alternative healthy choice over other products in the market.

Goat (Semi Soft Cheeses): Cheddar, Havarti, Jack, Colby, Gouda, Feta, Baby Swiss, and Smoke Cheddar

Goat Chevre (Soft Cheeses) : Plain, Salted, Herb, Hot Pepper, Cranberry Almond, Pineapple
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