Friday, February 5, 2010

Es is am Schnee-e! (It's snowing!!!)

Es is am Schnee-e translates to "it is snowing!" in PA German! I don't mind the snow as long as I have no place to go. Today I did a lot of baking and food preparation for a baby shower that we are "planning" on still having tomorrow. Weather permitting of course. I baked 43 cupcakes with little plastic babies wrapped in fondant blankets! Fun stuff on a snowy day! Also, I ended up making 2 pounds of homemade amish macaroni salad! Glad I went to the grocery store early yesterday! Yikes! Some store shelves were bare today! I will post a few pictures of the cupcakes along with a picture from my favorite amish photographer- Bill Coleman. You can check out his site further by clicking on the link on my blog. Stay warm everyone whereever you are!

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