Monday, February 8, 2010

Me...Simplified! A must read!

A Journey to Inner Joy Beneath the Clutter of Life -By Betsy Kramer

Are you ready to finally let go of the clutter in your life? In "Me... Simplified," Betsy Kramer takes readers on the bittersweet journey as she painfully learned to emotionally let go of material things after a devastating fire. Betsy shares how she picked up the pieces of her life, and made a new one free from the clutches of material baggage. Transforming her loss as a life lesson to teach others, she helps readers uncover fragments of their life buried in clutter. From time management, priority setting, to household tips, Betsy shares the steps to conquer and control all the clutter in life. With journal entries after each chapter, in "Me... Simplified," readers will have the opportunity to self-discover their own roadmap from chaos to simplicity, from discontent to joy. It's not about excuses anymore; it's about taking the first simple steps towards you; you...simplified.

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